What to expect from your first training session at BOXING FACTORY ?

All classes last 1h30 (except cross training, yoga and Junior classes), it starts with a warm-up (stimulation of the joints, muscles and gradually raising the temperature of the body) and physical preparation (cardio and / or muscle training).

Then the instructor introduces the technical movements to make place for the practice of the discipline concerned. At the end of the training, the instructor gives feedback on the course to the participants.

How to proceed to a free trial of the class ?

Go and click on "Free Trial", you will be redirected to the booking system. Choose the club, then the class and end with the day and time.


You will receive an email confirming your trial class. Welcome to the Boxing Factory !


When you try a class, you are required and obligated to let us know if you have any health problems. Otherwise, we are not responsible for any known problem with your health during your test.

Who are the Boxing Factory classes for?

All Boxing Factory courses are for everyone, for beginners, confirmed and professionals.

For 7-13 year olds, Boxing Factory organize “Junior” classes.

How to become a member of Boxing Factory and proceed to payment?

Choose one of the price packages, proceed to payment by debit card (via a European current account), a credit card or PayPal.


Once the payment is made… that's it, you are officially a member of the Boxing Factory!


Each time you come to a class, you’ve book your class through your "Member" account.

What equipment is needed ?

For your first test class, we will lend you boxing gloves and shin guards (for Muay Thai lessons).


Once you are a member, you need to get boxing gloves, hand protection band, mouth guard and shin guard (for Muay Thai lessons). The instructors will advise you where to buy your equipment.

What insurance for sports practice ?

Insurance covering “body injury” is compulsory (if you already have one, send us proof of your insurance). For the insurance registration procedure, please go to Insurance in the Menu bar.


For the first trial class, insurance will be mandatory once you become a member.

How to proceed to be supported by one of our personal trainer

We invite you to contact him through his profile on our website for a first free trial session. He (or she) will evaluate your goal with you based on your physical profile, then you will take a physical aptitude test.


He will inform you of the prices and conditions of the personal training during this first meeting.